Top Ten Ways to Save More Lives in 2016

10.) Host a Third Party Event Fundraiser:

A woman standing in front of some donuts.
9.) Volunteer at our events, clinic, thrift store, etc.:

A group of people wearing red shirts and smiling.
8.) Donate to the Pet Food Bank or donate items from our wish list:

A group of people standing around an open tent.
7.) Follow and like us on social media:

A bunch of signs that are on top of each other
6.) Visit our clinic if your pets are sick, injured, or need spay/neuter surgery:

A white dog with blue bandages on its leg.
5.) Help us spay/neuter feral or community cats:

Two cats in a cage looking at each other.
4.) Become a First Coast Family Member:

  • Make a monthly donation and help sustain our mission to save lives (just check the box to “repeat gift every month.”)
A close up of a cat with its eyes open
3.) Adopt a furry friend (or two):

A man holding his dog in front of him.
2.) Join our Circle of Forever Friends. Leave a legacy of your love of animals by including us in your estate plans – an excellent way to ensure we can continue to save pets long into the future:

A cat laying on the ground with its head down.
1) Encourage at least 5 friends or family to support us through the items on this list. Pay it forward!

Two dogs laying in the grass with their mouths open.