Will or Trust Gifts

Gifts through Will or Trust

When you make a bequest to First Coast No More Homeless Pets, you will ensure that some or all of your assets will be used to help save the lives of dogs and cats. There are several types of bequests:

  • Specific Bequest – a specified amount, or specific asset, designated in your will or trust as a gift to FCNMHP
  • Residuary Bequest – designates that a specific percentage of your estate, or all, will be paid to FCNMHP after payment of all other distributions, including debts, taxes, expenses and other bequests have been made.
  • Contingent Bequest – specifies that your estate, or a portion of it, will go to FCNMHP if your other named beneficiary(ies) predeceases you.

Sample Bequest Language:

To make certain that your charitable intentions are carried out, all wills, living trusts and their codicils or amendments should be prepared by or with the advice of your attorney. You can share with your attorney the following language that can be included in your will or living trust and tailored to address your specific wishes:

I give to FIRST COAST NO MORE HOMELESS PETS, Federal I.D. No. 01-0709158, 6817 Norwood Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32208, (the sum of $______) (all or __% of the residue of my estate), to be used for its general purposes.