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SpayGlynn: Free Spay/Neuter Program in Georgia

SpayGlynn is a targeted spay/neuter program for pets and Community Cats (feral) that live in Glynn County, Georgia. An anonymous Foundation has generously awarded FCNMHP with funds to provide free spay/neuter surgeries, rabies vaccinations, and transportation to and from Glynn County.

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The goal of this program is to decrease the number of pets entering and dying in Glynn County animal shelters. FCNMHP and the Foundation plan to target specific segments of the Glynn County dog and cat population that are most at risk of ending up in shelters with spay/neuter services. FCNMHP will work closely with the Foundation to determine which demographics are most at risk of ending up in the shelters and then designing programs to impact those targets.

Low income qualification for this program includes proof of participation in Food Stamps, WIC, Medicaid or other government qualified programs. Qualified residents can call 904.425.0005 to make arrangements for transportation, starting November 1, 2015.