Microchipping and Why It’s Important

Throughout the course of a year, numerous pets are lost, many of which do not have a microchip. These pets may end up living on the streets or in a shelter.

If the pet is lucky, it may get adopted into a new, loving home. But it’s just not the same without you there…just like your home is not the same without your beloved furry family member.

You can help dramatically increase the chances of your pets being returned to you by getting your pets microchipped. Microchipping is a more permanent solution to making sure your dog or cat has your contact information with them at all times (don’t worry – only a veterinarian can extract this information). If Fido or Fluffy gets separated from you and is found by a good Samaritan who takes him to a vet, that vet will pull up your contact information and will get in touch with you.

There are a lot of misconceptions and questions about microchipping. Some of which are outlined below. We hope you’ll read this, get your pets microchipped (or update your information) and spread the word! A chip can save a life.

  1. What is a microchip?

    A small chip that is made up of biocompatible materials and contains a unique identification code.

  2. How does it work?

    The chip is inserted into your pet’s body. You must register the unique code with a national pet recovery database. Be sure that your information is up to date so that a veterinarian can pull up your information and contact you if your pet is found.

  3. Why is it important?

    It’s a permanent way of making sure you can be contacted in the case of a lost pet. Collars and tags may fall off, be removed or worn down. A microchip should last the lifespan of our pet.

  4. What if I adopted?

    Ask your veterinarian to scan for a chip, as adopted pets may already have one. If your pet does not, make sure to set up an appointment to get one. If a chip is present, make sure your contact information is in the national database.

  5. Which pets do I microchip?

    All of your dogs and cats should be microchipped. Any pet can be lost.

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