July VyStar Volunteer of the Month

Every Wednesday or Thursday finds Debra Shearer at First Coast No More Homeless Pets.

That consistency and dedication is what makes Debra our most recent VyStar Volunteer of the Month.

But, for Debra, it is all about her love for animals.

“They can’t talk, they can’t tell you what their issues are,” she said. “First Coast No More Homeless Pets is just a great organization helping people in need with their pets. Not just with medical issues, either, also helping to feed and take care of them.”

Debra’s volunteer position at FCNMHP certainly isn’t the most glamorous, but it is so necessary. She helps to handle the massive loads of laundry churned out by the surgery and vet care departments each day.

Originally from Pennsylvania, Debra moved to Jacksonville to be closer to family. She has two cats of her own, Okra and Pickle, that help inspire her love of animals.

Thank you to all of our volunteers and thank you to VyStar Credit Union for making this program possible.

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