Angel Fund Gus

Gus had a perfect life.

What dog wouldn’t love living on a rural Florida farm with a family that loves him and free run across acres of farm land? Then one day, Gus got hurt…

A man and two dogs are standing in front of some people.

Gus’ owners noticed a small cut on his back leg.

No one knows how he got it, but it was clear Gus was in pain. Worried about Gus, and just as worried about tough times on the farm, they brought him to a local veterinarian.

After a few days of trying to reduce an infection, the veterinarian told the family that to survive Gus would have to lose that leg, a lifesaving amputation the family simply could not afford. Gus’ family firmly rejected the other economically viable option, euthanasia.

Fortunately, the rural veterinarian knew about First Coast No More Homeless Pets and the unique work our team is able to do, thanks to supporters like you. The family was fearful when they entered our hospital, but after learning that the surgery for Gus would save his life and would be paid for, thanks to supporters like you through the Angel Fund, their emotions were hard to keep in check.

A dog with its head in the water.

With FCNMHP surgeon Dr. Brienne Lemay performing the surgery, the operation went off without a hitch, and Gus is now back on his farm running with reckless abandon. So if you are ever driving through North Central Florida and you see a happy, healthy three-legged farm dog with a smile on his face, we hope a smile will come to your face as well!

A dog sitting on top of grass with its mouth open.

This past year, we provided more than $150,000 in free care to suffering animals like Gus.

We are so thankful for the pet lovers who make this possible by contributing to the Angel Fund and our many other vital programs. To support our team of licensed veterinarians, caring staff and passionate volunteers, please donate today!

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